Hey there peeps! I know I’ve been MIA these past six or so weeks, but you’re still on my mind.

So much has been happening! I’m in the best shape if my life, and I’ve reached my weightless goals! Wooooo.

Above are some pics from the past little while. I’ll share more about my current adventure soon xx

two more, books to grow trees, not cut them down

Book One - Even though this was only distributed as a direct marketing idea to promote The Jungle Book 2 in Spain, it’s pretty phenomenal.

Book Two - While it might not look out of the ordinary, the cover of We’re Getting On by James Kaelan is made out of birch seed — so when you’re finished you can plant it and make a tree.

Book One - A special edition edible cookbook from German design firm Korefe and Gerstenberg Publishing, the recipes are printed on fresh pasta pages that can be baked into a delicious lasagna.

Book Two - A glow-in-the-dark book by Croatian designers Bruketa&Žinić that can only be identified at night — in the light, it looks like a plain white journal. Read more here.

Often I wish I cared enough to blog about more than just pretty pictures. However, most days, I don’t. So enjoy what flits fleetingly through my mind; lots and lots of pretty pictures, with the occasional music video and fancy website.